RARE Lemurian Aquatine Pumble Tumble


RARE Lemurian Aquatine Pumble Tumble


A tumble pumble is a type of pebble tumble. Usually bigger than a a average tumble and not as big as a palm

RARE Lemurian. This material is extremely difficult to source, so grab a piece now for your collection whilst you can. 

Consciously sourced from Argentina

Also known as Aquatine Calcite, Blue Banded Calcite.

Your piece will be chosen at random. Images show examples of stock held and show all sizes. Any lines, marks and cracks are a natural part of this material. Your piece may be more banded, or less banded.

Weights and sizes are approximate 

Under 30g, 2 / 3 cm

Over 30g - 60g, 4 / 5 cm 

Lemurian Aquatine is known for it's highly spiritual properties. It enables communication when trying to connection with spirit guides

Lemurian Aquatine aids intuition, it aids emotional awareness and brings balance

Lemurian Aquatine is a very peaceful and calming stone and is associated with water

Lemurian Blue Onyx is associated with the zodiac sings Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Lemurian Blue Onyx is associated with the Throat and Crown chakra.

Disclaimer: Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and should not replace the advice of medical professionals. The information found on this site is not medical advice and the effectiveness of the healing properties of this product cannot be guaranteed.


Customer Reviews

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Lyn Hunt
Wonderful mother nature

Love this stone, blue, greens and sand colours, I just want to hold it, I would definitely ware it as a peice of jewelry if I ever found some

Rachel Graham
Lemurian Aquatine tumblestone

Absolutely beautiful tumblestone. Thank you!