Crystal Ethics

My Business

I have had my business for over 6 years and always do my research / talk with suppliers / mine owners and only buy when I am 100% certain that the business / person I am buying from is doing their upmost to be ethical in terms of the way the crystals are mined from the earth and how they treat their workers. I have twice ceased buying from a couple of places over the years as I was no longer happy with the way the operation was run. I buy from a couple of wholesalers who have been around for many years too. These suppliers regularly visit mines to check specimens and regulations in place. As well as the factories involved in the polishing and cutting process. These suppliers work with miners who support their local community, work with families and pay them correctly. For many it is their only source of income, so it is important that this continues.

Fair Trade

Although crystals and minerals are not registered as Fair Trade products, I am a firm believer that this should be the case and become law. In doing so we can all be certain that everyone from source to shop is treated fairly and safely. If we all work together this can become law in the future. Help this happen by buying your crystals from shops that are at least trying to do the right thing. 

Land Ethics 

Regarding the ‘destruction of the land’ debate, most mining is for bulk stone and minerals, where they are pulped in hundreds of thousands of tonnes for commercial use. This type of crystal/mineral extraction is NOT representative of our business.
The mining that produces our products accounts for a less than 0.001% of the industry’s total output

The mines involved in crystal digging vary from hand collected specimens from the surface to small hand dug pits where larger pieces are picked. Larger quarries are also specifically created to source gemstones. Once all pits are utilised they are then filled in and covered with the original soil which was removed. And no chemicals are put into the land.

Price Ethics/Over Inflated Retail Prices

Be aware of crystals / deals that seem cheaper than the market average as this is usually a sign of an unethical crystal. Ethical crystals cost more to export and the export is done legally.

However on the other hand be aware of over inflated prices. During the last 12 months or so there have been a number of new crystal businesses pop up , using the word ethical as a marketing tactic, this in itself is fine but the prices they are charging are heavily marked up and this is wrong. Yes the pieces are ethical but they are no more ethical than other genuine ethical business that keep their prices at a more affordable price. They are buying direct from many of the same mines and are adding on approximately 500 / 1000% mark up. All this is doing is tarnishing the ethical name as there is nothing ethical about that level of price mark up.