Fluorite Bracelet


Fluorite Crystal Bracelet

8mm Fluorite Beads

Stretch bracelet , 7 / 8 inch

You will receive 1 chosen at random.

Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Fluorite is excellent for the advancement of the mind, aiding in meditation and inter-dimensional communication. It is a highly protective stone, especially on a psychic level and from outside influences. Fluorite draws away negative energy.

Healing: Strengthens teeth and bones, aiding the spine and arthritic conditions, protects against common illnesses such as colds and flu’s, treats highly infectious diseases, helps with emotional trauma.

Chakras: Third Eye and Throat

Disclaimer: Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and should not replace the advice of medical professionals. The information found on this site is not medical advice and the effectiveness of the healing properties of this product cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that Fluorite is low on the crystal hardiness scale, therefore it is a much more delicate stone than other crystal stones.

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