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Pyrite Crystal Cluster - A Grade From Peru TheQuirkyPagan


Recently added new pieces!

Fire Quartz Palm Stone - PICK YOURs TheQuirkyPagan

Pick Your Crystals

When you just want to pick the one that speaks to you...

Labradorite Crystal Heart - A Grade FLASHY TheQuirkyPagan


Beautiful crystal hearts - make the perfect gift for a loved one

Amethyst Crystal Star TheQuirkyPagan

Stars and Moons

Anything Star / Moon related. Check out the cute small carved star and moons!

Labradorite Crystal Palm Stone TheQuirkyPagan

Pebbles and Palms

Fit nicely in your palm for meditation, Light weight or chunky.

Amethyst Crystal Cluster TheQuirkyPagan

Rough / Clusters

Beautiful geodes and flat beds

Blue Apatite Tumble, Blue Apatite Palm Stone, Blue Apatite Crystal Palm Stone, Large Blue Apatite Tumble Stones

Crystal Tumble Stones

Small tumbles , perfect for pockets and those new to crystal collecting

Mystery Crystal Bundle - Various Options TheQuirkyPagan

Mystery Crystals

Mystery Crystals

When you fancy a surprise

Rainbow Aura Tigers Eye Beaded Bracelet TheQuirkyPagan


Gemstone Bracelets

Ethical Gemstone bracelets made with A Grade beads

Abalone Shell Kingfisher Bird Earrings TheQuirkyPagan



Abalone Shell pieces

Amethyst Crystal Necklace - CLEARANCE TheQuirkyPagan



Crystal & Abalone Shell pieces

Amethyst Crystal Necklace - CLEARANCE TheQuirkyPagan

Clearance Crystals & Bundles


Grab a bargain piece or bundle

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