Crystal Care

Crystal Cleansing & Care

Crystal Cleansing & Care

Crystal Cleansing & Care


Are you new to crystals and wonder how you should care for your new gems? Here are some of my tips.


Crystal Care


You should cleanse your crystals when they arrive as they have been handled by other people and may have picked up unwanted energy.

You should store your crystals safely ideally in a clear container or a velvet pouch. It is suggested that you store crystals with the same energy / healing properties – together.


How To Cleanse

  1. Smudging – This is via using a Sage stick. Or incense such as Sage, Sandalwood or Cedarwood. Fan the smoke across the crystals for approx. 2 mins 30.

TAKE CARE USING THIS METHOD. Be sensible and make sure any flame is out! Only to be carried out by people over the age of 18.

  1. Water – Please note not all crystals like water. E.G Quartz – if in doubt check.
  2. On A Bed Of Salt – Place Sea Salt into a dish and then use a layer of kitchen towel to sit your crystals on – leave for as long as you feel, for example 24 hours. Do remember the layer of kitchen towel as not all crystals like being directly on Salt, such as Lapis.
  3. Visualisation – Hold your crystal out in front of you and close your eyes, imagine the crystal is surrounded by bright White light, allow the light to pass through the crystal to absorb any negative energy.
  4. Burial – Bury in the ground with a cup of dried herbs such as Sage. Leave them for as long as you feel is needed.
  5. Full Moon – Put your crystals outside in a dish on the full moon, leave overnight. If it is due to rain please place protection over them, e.g. cling film or a clear lid.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

  1. When you first receive new crystals
  2. When you have used them in a healing session on yourself or someone else
  3. When you feel they need cleansing
  4. When they look dirty or feel sticky
  5. After a major life change
  6. When someone else has handled them
  7. If needed during a regime or ritual.

After cleansing you should re programme your crystals with energy. This can be done in many ways. One way is to sit with the crystals in your closed hands, close your eyes and speak the intent to the crystal – “This crystal will heal me of X Y Z (whatever the crystal property is). Or “This crystal will help me with X Y Z (for example – abundance and wealth it is Citrine). Image the crystal is getting brighter and warmer in your hands. You will know when you stop.

And remember use your intuition – Your intuition is powerful and should be used!

The above is only a guide and suggestions. I hold no responsibility over your crystal care or methods you use. REMEMBER TO STAY SAFE !


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