Ocean Jasper 8th Vein Tumble Stone - NEW Batch Mined

$8.00 $16.00

Ocean Jasper 8th Vein Tumble Stone

8th Vein Ocean Jasper Tumble - High grade - direct from the miner in Madagascar!

You will receive 1 piece chosen at random from the size bracket you choose. See the 2nd photo for size reference. The photos take outside, show the larger pieces.

> Small - approx 2 - 4g, approx 1 or 2 cm

> Medium - approx 4 - 13g, approx 2 or 3 cm

> Medium / Large - approx 15 - 40g, approx 3 or 4 cm

Ocean Jasper is only found in 1 place in the entire world - Madagascar.

These have been mined by the mine owner in Madagascar and graded by him. These are the most recent find in the vein. These are direct from source. Extremely hard to obtain now. Price reflects accordingly.

Images are examples of stock held, and may not feature the piece you receive. Your piece may be any colour , mix of colours , shades and patterns.

Ocean Jasper is associated with solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras

Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy, it encourages a positive mood, strengthens will and brings calmness to chaos.

Ocean Jasper provides a uplifting energy to the holder in trying times, feeding into a more optimistic outlook on life.

Birthstone - March

Zodiac - Capricorn, Pisces & Virgo

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