Spectrolite Crystal - RARE New Find Madagascar - CLEARANCE

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Spectrolite Crystal Heart - RARE

Newly discovered in Madagascar!! Up until recently Spectrolite was only ever found in Finland in the Ylamaa quarry, this batch is from my Madagascan miners.

Spectrolite has a similar look to Labradorite. Spectrolite has richer colours due to it's opaque base, whereas Labradorite has a clear base which effects how the colour flashes appear.

You will receive 1 piece chosen at random, no cherry picking

Approx 10 - 20g, 3  cm


Approx 20 - 50g 3 / 4 cm

Spectrolite pieces will feature a random blend of colour from Pinky Purple, to Blue, Green and Yellow Orange.

Photos are examples of stock held but may not feature the piece you will receive. Please note your piece may have very little low flash or more of a flash depending on what is left, you receive either at random.

Crystals are natural and any lines, marks, cracks are a part of the natural stone, not flaws or damage.

Crystals can be used to make various crafts. Which include - crystal mirrors, candles, dreamcatchers, jewellery, hair accessories, crystal grids, furniture door knobs, bottle corks, staffs, crystal magnets, garden pots, photo frame stand holders.

**** The legal bit - Crystals are for entertainment or aesthetic purposes only ***