Abalone Gecko Necklace & Earring Set

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Abalone Gecko Necklace & Earring Set

Show your wild side with the Abalone Gecko jewellery set! This beautiful set is crafted with real abalone shell and a gecko detail, perfect for accessorising any outfit. Includes a necklace and earrings, so you'll be as flashy as a lizard!

Abalone Gecko Necklace , on adjustable Steel Trace chain, adjustable at 16", 18" and 20" pendant 34mm. Base metal Brass and Zinc.

Earrings 28mm. On Rhodium plated Silver ear wire. Base metal Brass and Zinc.

Paua shell is sourced from New Zealand is a Maori tradition. Paua shell is deemed as a good luck positive shell and makes the perfect gift for occasions such as weddings, birthdays and Christmas. Abalone makes exquisite wedding jewelry.

Each piece of paua shell is never the same. This may not be the exact one you will receive. If you are looking for a specific colouring, please contact me before purchasing.

Presented in a gifting bag, not boxed to save waste.

Our Paua shell is sustainably sourced & is nickel, cadmium & lead compliant. Also Hypoallergenic.
What does this mean ? There are regulations about what metals can be used in jewellery, nickel, lead and cadmium are the ones that have to be tested. All Abalone jewellery falls well within the permitted levels, and is closest as can be to being “free” of these metals.

Rhodium plating is a metal deposition process used to coat materials with a decorative and protective layer of rhodium. Rhodium is a noble metal that imparts an extremely bright and hard wearing finish when applied as plating. When applied as a thin plate, it affords a durable finish of exceptional brightness. Rhodium finishes can greatly enhance the appearance and longevity of any metal to which they are applied


Gecko Meaning

Representing Cycle of Life Including Change, Conversion Birth, Death, Rebirth and Metamorphosis. Gecko can show how there is regeneration in life's endeavours by listening to this inner guidance so one can find balance in this transition time.



My jewellery is Silver plated with a base metal of Brass or Zinc / Sterling Silver.

Please do not wear your jewellery in water, this includes baths, showers , pools and the sea.

Please store away from direct sunlight and heat.

Contact with creams , oils , perfumes and cosmetics can cause metal discoloration / skin residue.

This type of issue is not a manufacturing fault and can be avoided if my care plan is adhered too.

Damage due to general wear and tear is determined by the wearer i do not hold responsibility for this.

Jewellery should be handled delicately. For example crystal jewellery needs extra care . Some crystals are low on the crystal hardness scale and can break and chip more easily than others. For example Fluorite has a low hardness scale.

Please take care not to drop or scuff your jewellery.