RARE Lavender Moon Quartz Crystal - Pick Yours


Rare Lavender Moon Quartz - Small Tiny pieces.

Lavender Moon Quartz has only ever been found in one place in the world - Bahia Brazil.

It is only ever found in very small quantities. This is not something you find mass amounts of anywhere.

These are very small Tiny pieces. They are perfect for jewellery making and crystal grid work.

Photographed outside on a bright sunny day.

Pick your piece from 5 - 8. The second image has them numbered.

Weights and sizes are approximate

# 5 - 3g , 2 cm

# 6 - 3g, 2 cm

# 7 - 3g, 2.5 cm

# 8 - 3g, 2.5 cm

Lavender Moon Quartz is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

Crystals are natural and therefore colours and markings may differ between pieces. Stones are chosen at random. If you are looking for specific inclusions, please contact me prior to ordering. Crystals can be used to make various crafts. Which include - crystal mirrors, candles, dreamcatchers, jewellery, hair accessories, crystal grids, furniture door knobs, bottle corks, staffs, crystal magnets, garden pots, photo frame stand holders.

**** The legal bit - Crystals are for entertainment or aesthetic purposes only ***

Customer Reviews

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The lavender moon quartz tumble I received...

The lavender moon quartz tumble I received is beautiful with wonderful energy! I was so delighted to see that it has pretty banded phantoms in it, silvery veils, healed internal fractures, and is ultra clear. There are no bubbles as would be typical in glass and it's not opalite since I have a piece of lavender opalite that I compared it against. It's so much prettier in person. Thanks so much for the gift of another gorgeous lavender moon quartz and a lovely care package of two bags of organic teas and an incense cone. Love everything!