Pyrite Crystal Cluster - AAA Grade From Peru - Support a small Peruvian Family


Pyrite Crystal Cluster

AAA Grade High Quality Peruvian Pyrite

These are mined by a very small family in Peru, the family consists of a mother and father and 1 adult son. The son works a small scale mine in their local area, to support his family. He also works closely with another mining operation in Peru. The family are very sweet and support my mission statement - consciously sourcing crystals from small scale operations - supporting their local community, reducing the amount of middle men / women along the chain which in turn ensures due care and attention is carried out from mining of specimens, to the cutting and polishing process.

- Teeny Tiny , under 15g 1 or 2 cm

- Tiny / Small , approx 10g - 20g, 2 / 3 cm

- Medium, approx 20g - 50 g, 3 / 5 cm

- Large approx 50g - 90g, 4 / 5 cm

- Extra Large , approx 130g - 220g, 5 / 7 cm

- Extra Extra Larger, Heavier pieces - approx 250g - 350g, 7 / 9 cm

You will receive 1 piece at random from the following size categories, small, medium or large

Outdoor photos feature large heavy pieces. Please see the photos taken indoors of the Pyrite clusters in my hand to give you a idea of size.

Pyrite is a protective, shielding stone and is excellent to wear or carry as an amulet.

Chakra - third eye or solar plexus

Disclaimer: Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and should not replace the advice of medical professionals. The information found on this site is not medical advice and the effectiveness of the healing properties of this product cannot be guaranteed.

Crystals are natural and therefore colours and markings may differ between pieces.

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Rhi Greenfelder
A beautiful crystal, as described, very ha...

A beautiful crystal, as described, very happy with it!