Celestite Crystal Cluster - THIS PIECE

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Celestite Crystal Cluster


Ethically sourced Celestite from Madagascar.

This is the exact piece you will receive

Style B - Approx 131g, 5 x 4 cm

Please note with clusters some loose pieces are a natural part of the stone and points are not necessarily a sharp point, they can be blunt, jagged and of various forms.

* Celestite has a lovely gentle uplifting vibration.

* Excellent for your emotional state as it is calming and uplifting.

* It has strong metaphysical properties that will help you to develop the gift of prophecy, and other psychic abilities.

* Perfect for angel work and reaching spirit.

* Associated with the 3rd Eye and Throat chakras.

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Lorna Tinker
Sleepy Bear

I have bought this for a friend and chose this piece because I saw a bear head in the crystal