Small Mini Girasol Quartz Sphere - CLEARANCE


Mini Small Girasol Sphere

Ethically sourced from Brazil .

Approx 2 cm, approx 10 - 20g.

You will receive 1 chosen at random

These are sent as parcel post , to ensure there is enough internal packaging to protect them

Girasol Quartz is extremely soothing , it has a relaxed, yet hopeful and optimistic energy.

Girasol Quartz is associated with the Throat and Crown chakras


The images are for illustration purposes and might not be the stone you receive.

Customer Reviews

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Wow! The girasol sphere I received is stun...

Wow! The girasol sphere I received is stunning! It has amazing clarity and when I shine a light on it, I can see a very faint phantom and subtle sparkles. Thanks so much for the gift of another gorgeous lavender moon quartz and a lovely care package of two bags of organic teas and an incense cone. Love everything!